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We Renew Licence Disc

Once a year, an official notification to renew your vehicle license will arrive in the post. You have a grace period that gives you 21 days from the expiry of the license disc for you to renew the license. If you don’t, you will accumulate severe penalties that must be paid before you can renew your vehicle license again. Do you have the time or the extra money to take care of this hassle?


We buy company fleet disposal of high mileages

An exciting, constantly updated range of low mileage vehicles, including luxury sedans, luxury 4x4s, two-seater roadsters and convertibles. All our vehicles are less than 12 months old and have traveled no more than 60 000km. The vehicles are free of damage and regularly maintained to the manufacturer’s standards.


We do police clearance

There are four circumstances in which you need to obtain a Vehicle Police Clearance Certificate. These are if: The vehicle was reported stolen and subsequently recovered, The engine or chassis number differs from the number on the vehicle’s registration certificate,,
The engine or chassis number has changed


Our Service List

 We buy used cars
 We buy company fleet disposal of high mileages
 We buy non-runners cars
 We do police clearance
 We do change of ownership
 We do roadworthy test has top quality used cars on show across South Africa. Please send us an email if you have problems or suggestions.

Used Cars

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Gilbert Tjale Director

Cell: 071 865 0910 | 011 037 3156


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We buy Vehicles, we pay cash. Don’t , Pawn or trade in your vehicles instead sell it!


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